Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mama Bear, with authority

Camp Mom starts today. Maggie is finished with school and we have two weeks until Summer school starts. That means I am chief cook and bottle washer for the next two weeks. We will have an outing every day, but I have no idea what those will be. Maggie is about the easiest person in the world to entertain, she takes absolute joy in the moment and is perfectly happy with an outing to the mall.  The mall is the easiest, but it drives me to drink so we have to mix it up a bit.

Generally we just have to fill the mornings and the nurse comes around 1 or so. That way I can split up the hours. Today the nurse is not coming until 3:00PM because we need to cover the hours this evening as I have tickets to the Giants game. (Seats are non accessible, so Maggie is out for this one.)

We do, however have to be home at 1:30 as the inspector from the court is coming. I filed papers to be Maggie's conservator and the court sends someone out to determine if Maggie really needs to be conserved. The hearing is in July and the inspector has to file a report for the judge before that time.  It's a good thing that they investigate. Once someone is conserved they really lose a lot of rights. They cannot run their own affairs, handle their own money or make their own decisions. Care must be taken that there are no shenanigans going on.

In Maggie's case it is really a formality. Obviously, one who cannot care for her own physical needs must have someone looking after and advocating for her. It is also pretty clear I'm not trying to take over her life to control her vast wealth. (She has about $80.)   It is for her protection and ours. Now that she's 18, she is an adult. Without a conservatorship, people don't have to check in with me on decisions involving her.  In a worst case scenario, doctors could prevent me from making decisions or even being informed about her health status. I'm not too worried about that but it would be stupid not to be prepared.

 I will have to report to the court annually to show what we did with her money, report where she is living etc. That's totally worth it to be able to shut people up who attempt to manipulate her, or us,  in any way. If the conservatorship is granted, I will have the courts permission to continue to act as Mama Bear, without the hibernation.  I think I know how to do that job.

Off to figure out some entertainment for the morning. Too bad she's not into drinking coffee and chatting. That would be my activity of choice.

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  1. Camp Mom -- field trips to Los Angeles are in order. Just saying.


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