Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Changeable plans ahead!

My plan was to take Maggie on a Bay cruise today, but she's been a tad under the weather and I figured maybe rolling around on the Bay wasn't a great idea for someone with some intestinal problems. Besides, I'm not sure that's something I want to do without an extra pair of hands.

The weather looked fabulous this morning. The sky was blue and Maggie's room in the back (east side) of the house was warm and cozy. I dressed Maggie in her new halter top that we bought yesterday. She looked great. She thought it was hilarious when Dad came in and said, What are you wearing young lady? Where do you think you are, Las Vegas?"

Because of the lovely weather, Plan B was a walk along the promenade above Ocean Beach. There is a walkway that goes for about a mile or more and when it's nice it's a great place to walk. As we loaded into the car I realized it wasn't quite as warm as I thought.  We headed west for a couple of miles until we hit the beach. The wind seemed to pick up with every few blocks we traveled.  I parked, opened the door, lowed the lift and immediately closed it again. It was blowing so hard out there that sand was flying everywhere. Blowing sand is no fun for anyone, but especially not for someone with a trach. It was not exactly wheelchair friendly either; the walkway was covered with the blowing sand.

Time for Plan C. Maggie and I turned south and hit Home Depot in Daly City. We bought new shades for her room (she pulls and yanks on them and we have to replace them regularly) and we decided to starts a new project as well. We bought a bunch of plants, flowers, herbs, tomatoes, seeds and even some bulbs. Tomorrow morning we are going to plant them in containers on the deck so Maggie can be part of watering them and watching them grow.  Stay tuned to see if we actually get this project going.

Mom Camp goes Science!


  1. Sounds like an awesome day and I'm impressed by Camp Mom's flexibility.


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