Sunday, June 17, 2012

Green Acres

As we went downstairs to catch the bus on Thursday morning, it was instantly apparent that a skunk had sprayed in the back yard. The stench was strong. After Maggie left I took a shower and went back into my room and realized the smell was very strong in there too, which was odd because my bedroom is in the front of the house. That's when I realized that Brisco (the dog) was the recipient of the skunks spray.

Steve went right after the smell with dawn dish washing soap (we didn't have any tomato juice.) The dog was less than pleased with this part of the process.

It did a pretty good job, and the lingering smells finally dissipated. There were tell tale signs of digging etc in the yard and we knew the skunk would be back. Steve decided to set the "Humane animal trap" that he purchased after Brisco was attacked by a raccoon.

This morning Maggie and I went out to water the back yard and lo and behold, Pepe lePeu is stuck in the trap.

Great. Now what? How does one get a skunk moved without getting sprayed all over again. I grabbed the dog (who was oblivious to the presence of the skunk) and headed back inside. Steve was sleeping in for Father's day, but this was a little more pressing. I woke him saying, "It's Father's Day. Congratulations it's a skunk."

Animal control came out and we learned that it is illegal to trap a wild animal because, after all, they were here first.

The skunk was relocated - but not far from here and we presume he will find his way back. We presume right about now there is a convention going on in the urban wildlife union hall and they will all be here to strike tonight.

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  1. Oh, good night! Never a dull moment at Maggie's world! We have one of those traps -- Oliver is dying to use it, so I am going to show him this post and whet his appetite for illegal activity.


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