Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hurry up and wait

Getting Maggie out the door for the bus for summer school is proving to be a challenge. The morning routine has always been ridiculous but now it's besting me. The bus is scheduled to come at 7:32 but every morning when I get downstairs, he is already waiting. It's uncanny. Every bus in Maggie's 15 year scholastic career has arrived on time or late. Maggie is the last one picked up but still the bus is early. It's like Magic.

I am consistent about getting everything ready the night before. I program the talker, program the coffee pot and charge everything that needs charging. Some things have to wait for the morning. I cannot fill the oxygen tank the night before or it will be empty again in the morning. The last thing I do in the morning is feed Maggie so she can head off to school with a full stomach and be on schedule for the rest of her feedings at school.

This morning I was bound and determined to be ready. I plopped Maggie in her chair, filled the oxygen, unplugged the fully charged and already programmed dynavox and the suction machine and packed them onto the back of the chair. I brushed Maggie's hair and put on a scarf. I put the tray on the front porch for easy retrieval from the front and headed down the elevator. I put Maggie's music and a bottle of water and added the diapers and case of food she needed  The clock said 7:15. I still had to feed her, but I could do that downstairs.

Feeling quite smug that on Day 7 I finally beat the bus I opened the garage door and the bus pulled up that instant. Arrrgh. I still needed to feed her. The school nurse was there and said don't worry about it, he's early. Still. it's a thing with me. I don't like to keep folks waiting. Janice told me that she would feed Maggie when they arrived at school  I learned that because they arrive so early arriving, the driver cannot unload the kids. There are no teachers or anyone else there to meet them.

WHAT?!?!?! I'm busting my butt to get downstairs so that Maggie can sit on the bus for 10 or 15 minutes when she arrives too early at school??!!??

Tomorrow I will be downstairs ready to go at 7:32 and not a moment earlier.

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  1. Where has Maggie been? No adventures this week:(


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