Sunday, June 24, 2012


Nice weekend. Yesterday Maggie and I went downtown yesterday to the Westfield Mall and San Francisco Centre, which are connected at each floor. Maggie enjoyed cruising around two separate malls without having to get back in the car. Twice the entertainment. And we still didn't buy anything.

Today we went down to the Hyde Street Pier, but Maggie slept through the entire outing. Even the Balcutha, which she usually loves (because she had a field trip there in the 5th grade) could not entertain her.

Imagine that. Taking a teenager on an outing and having them act bored or sleepy through the entire thing. Shrug.

This evening we are just hanging around. Maggie is catching up on The Economist. She finds those articles so very inciteful, even upside down.

Hope your weekend was good.

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