Monday, July 16, 2012

T minus 45 hours

We are getting on a plane on Wednesday morning and flying across the country. And by "we" I mean Steve and me . Alone. Together. Maggie is staying here.  I have been working on the logistics of this for months and I think it's all in place. I won't know for sure unless something goes wrong. I have not slept in days and don't expect to for another week.

I received approval for five additional nursing shifts, though I have YET to see that in writing (and I've asked 5 times.) With great difficulty, I arranged for nurses to cover every shift even though one cancelled a shift just last week. I found a replacement.. The nurses all have their schedules and the relevant phone numbers. They all know they CANNOT cancel. I have a net in place if something doesn't work out with the nurses. There are holes in that net, but I have an emergency backup plan.  Tim is here. Dr. Aicardi, our wonderful pediatrician, is on alert and will help in whatever way is necessary. My mother and my siblings know and some will stop by and say hello to Maggie. Every single bit of laundry will be done. The oxygen man is coming today. I am bringing supplies upstairs to the dining room so that the nurses don't have to go searching for anything. I have prepared a medical folder with copies of the insurance cards and all Maggie's medical history in a file on the dining room table.  I am packed. I am ready. I am excited and I am beyond nervous. 

Vacations are so relaxing.

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  1. I'm going to start calling you a Five-Star General.

    Remember that if you need anything, I'm willing to fly up there, pronto, and be your lieutenant.

    Oh, and have a wonderful time.

    Oh, and please come back.


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