Monday, August 27, 2012

Ahhhh, Monday

No one ever says "Yay! It's Monday. 

Except perhaps for mothers sending their children back to school after a wild weekend.

I do look forward to Monday morning because when Maggie gets on that bus I can restore some order to my day. When she is home, whether the nurse is here or not, I am constantly on call and have one ear perked for the way she coughs, etc in case something is amiss. I honestly look forward to the mental and physical break. 

Of course I didn't get it today because Maggie is sick. She has a fever, which would ordinarily freak me out a little bit, but not this time. Tim had a fever and slept all weekend and Steve doesn't feel well either, so Maggie is just catching the virus that is making the loop around this house. So far, the only one untouched by fever is me, but I stayed in all day yesterday with a stomach issue. Don't know if that was my version of the same thing or not. Hope so, because I already feel better. 

The weekend would have been terrible if not for the kindness and generosity of Maggie's bus driver. Maggie arrived a bit late on Friday  like 3:50 instead of 3:30. She was tired but happy. I waited for her to get home to run some errands and because of the delay I left as soon as the nurse took her upstairs. I returned home right around 5:00. When I came in the nurse asked me where Maggie's tray was. I hadn't even noticed that she didn't have it when she got off the bus. The tray is essential because she cannot "talk" without it. The switches for her talker are on the tray. Now it's 5PM on Friday and we don't have a tray. The weekend was looking mighty bleak. 

I frantically called the bus company but they said they didn't have it. I texted the nurse who apologetically told me she slipped it right behind the bus drivers seat. I called again and told the bus company that and said tell me where to go to get it. I will drive to wherever he is to get it. The bus yard is across town, but I didn't care. We HAVE to have that tray. Just tell me where to meet him and I will go.  She called back a few minutes later and said, "Carlos said it's on the bus and he is bringing it to your house, he just left the yard." 

I was floored. He did NOT have to do that but at the end of his work week he drove that bus all the way across town to deliver that tray to Maggie. That was probably an extra 45 minutes at the end of a Friday afternoon. Talk about going above and beyond! I was quite impressed and let him know that. Carlos just shrugged it off because he is such a nice guy. 

It was a great start to a weekend. Now if we could just get this week going.

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  1. I would say a batch of cookies or box of candy is in order for the wonderful Carlos!! Definitly above and beyond the call of duty!!


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