Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to school DO

Maggie has been looking quite shaggy lately and that means it is time for a haircut. She returns to school on the 20th so today we got her "Back to School DO" from her favorite Beautician, Lisa at Tony's Hair Studio.

Maggie loves to get her haircut. She loves going to the salon and getting the cover put over her. She thinks the actual cutting is hilarious, but really not nearly as funny as the hairdryer. I told her yesterday the we were heading to North Beach for a hair cut today and the moment I saw her this morning she was touching her hair and saying "Mom i want to go" on her dynavox.

I was looking at me email on the phone. The nurse hadn't even left yet and, more importantly, I had not yet had any coffee. She started with that "Mom I want to go" sentence over and over and I finally said "Go WHERE?"  She pulled on her hair but I told her I wanted to hear it. There is not "haircut button on her dynavox (but I should make one.) She started hitting buttons and I knew she was going to ask for help to spell the word.

 I turned on the video camera on the phone to catch it. It took a full 3.5 minutes to spell out Beauty Salon, but she did it.  It's slow, but kind of cool. (Don't feel like you have to watch the entire thing unless you want a spelling test.) Once she gets going she picks up steam.

It was difficult for Maggie to wait until noon for her appointment, but somehow she made it. And she enjoyed it just as much as always. It's nice to see her eyes again.

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  1. That girl is smart as a whip. I just love hearing about her communication efforts --


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