Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fin d'ete

Summer is drawing to a close. We have been trying to pack a lot of fun in to the last week or so to finish summer off with a bang.

Maggie and I are headed to the museum this morning to meet our friends Lori and Lily. We will have a quick look at the Man Ray Lee Miller exhibit. A little dose of surrealism is perfect for our particular foursome. We are two moms, two teenage girls, two wheelchairs.

Lori and I had the best of intentions as the dreaded summer vacation started. We were going to get together with our girls and see the town. Maggie and I have been over there to visit and we did grab a quick lunch at City Hall one day but this is our first actual outing together. Everyone is so busy or has various windows of available time that do not coincide. We are all girls on the go and getting together has not been easy.*

The DeYoung Museum is a regular stop for us. We live just a few blocks away and are in and out of there all the time. Last Saturday we went with my old friend Clare and her teenage daughter Anne Marie. Maggie loved that, especially because Anne Marie actually did most of the wheelchair driving. Maggie needs a break in the routine and having another driver, who was a cool teenager was excellent. (Anne Marie is the lovely young woman who outfitted Maggie for both her 18th birthday party and the prom.) We went to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit of outrageous fashion designs. I pointed out a few suggestions to Anne Marie for dresses she should get and hand down to Maggie. She wasn't biting.

The museum was not our only outing in the last week, though. I wrote about our trip to the playground on my last post which was great. We also had a  great time at the zoo with Maggie's friend and school mate Patrick and his mom, Carla. Here are Patrick and Maggie with their tall giraffe friend.

Carla and I also had lofty plans to do various outings with the kids, but we didn't get it together until last week. Getting the kids together is important for them and having another parent to talk to who really "gets it" is a bonus. After our zoo outing we got together for a long walk in the park and picked the only day the sun was out all week.

Another stop in the last week has been the Dahlia Garden in Golden Gate Park. We went with Clare and Anne Marie, with Patrick and Carla and even took Steve over there separately. This time of year the flowers are all in bloom and it is a spectacular display of color on these foggy gray days.

So we are off this morning for another dose of culture and fun.  We have to grab our culture quick and head home because the long awaited wheelchair repairs are happening today!! The guy is supposed to arrive in the early afternoon and will do the repairs at our house.


This will likely be our last outing with friends as school resumes Monday.

Huzzah!! Huzzah!!

* not any easier today either as I thought the exhibit was at the DeYoung when it was actually at the Palace of the Legion of Honor. A text from Lori sent me scurrying to the right museum. Great way to start a surrealist exhibit. We were a little late and then when we got there Lily was not there. She didn't feel well and begged off. We will try again on one of the several furlough days during the school year.

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  1. HuzzaH!

    I can't help but be a tad envious of your friend and the time you spend together. I wish that Sophie and I were there with you and Maggie, too.


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