Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chris Stevens

A day off from Maggie's world today to address issues in the real world.

Our good friend Chris Stevens was the Ambassador to Libya and we are devastated at the news of his death in yesterdays attack on the Consulate in Benghazi.

Chris and Steve go back 35 years to their days at Cal Berkeley. He was a bright light, an extraordinary man doing extraordinary work. He had been in various countries in the Middle East throughout his long diplomatic career, but came "home" frequently to see his family. We were lucky that he always included a dinner at our house on these trips home. Here are he and Steve in my living room after one of those dinners.

It is hard to believe those won't happen again.

We last saw him at a reception his parents hosted in May before he left to fill his post as the newly appointed ambassador. He was humble, as always, and spoke of Libya in the most positive terms. He loved his work and did it very well. As I hugged him goodbye after that reception I said, "Take care of yourself, Chris and please be safe."

Hard to be safe in such a dangerous situation.

Rest in Peace Chris. It was an honor to know you.

Addendum: My husband has been interviewed by several News outlets as they attempt to portray the kind of man we lost today. I am extremely proud of my husband's abiltiy to honor his friend in such an articulate way despite his overwhelming grief.  The first of these interviews aired on San Francisco CBS5 this afternoon which you can see here:  Another interview will air on NBC's today show in the morning. Other friends are being interviewed around the country as well and I'm certain the chorus will be the same. A wonderful man, a tremendous national and personal loss.


  1. I'm so sorry. Your tribute brings tears to my eyes -- it's a freaking waste and so tragic.

  2. Oh Sally so sorry!! May he rest in peace and I will say a big prayer for his family.

  3. So sorry Sally:( I will say a prayer for his family


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