Friday, September 14, 2012

Maggie weighs in

Despite the world circumstances that have hit us so personally and so hard, we have to marshall on. we have to get things done and Maggie still needs our full attention. We can't lose ourselves in this because Maggie still needs to be lifted, suctioned, fed, etc etc. It's good, though. She keeps us grounded.

Maggie cannot understand what happened, though she fully understands that we are upset and that dad is on TV. She even refrained from her standard statement, "I don't like TV" when her dad is on the screen.

Last night just as the nurse left, Maggie was sitting in the living room with me. Steve was behind her in the dining room on the computer. She said, on her talker Dad? Dad? Dad? He absentmindedly answered "Yes Maggie I'm right here."  Satisfied, she hit her "news from school" button and this is what she said.

Listen closely.

If you could not hear it, I took a picture of the screen too and you can read it for yourself

She waited to get his attention and then gave him her message. I was only half listening but found myself sitting at attention before she was done. Often Maggie's talker is just going on the the background and we don't catch things the first time around. I leaned forward to see if Steve had heard it. He heard it loud and clear. He was just sitting at the table smiling sort of sadly. He was very touched and told her so. She was very proud of herself and said it again and again. 

Obviously, Maggie did not enter that message. One of the adults int he class did it, but Maggie knew that she had a special message for her dad and delivered it perfectly. 

Yeah, she keeps us grounded and makes our hearts soar.


  1. She makes my heart soar, too. As do you. Thank you.

  2. Rosemary Baisch DunkleSeptember 14, 2012 at 11:23 AM

    Those words, to me, sounded like a hug. So wonderful that Maggie can share that affection with her dad when she knows how sad he is.


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