Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Beautiful memorial

The service for Ambassador Stevens was lovely. His siblings told stories only siblings would know and set a very sweet tone for the event. That definitely made it easier for Steve. He did a great job with his talk.

We were in the front row along the side, which was great. I took pictures up close and personal.

But I didn't have the vantage point to get the majesty of City Hall. My Niece Colleen Toomey was in the back and took the first one and my brother in law, Pete Degolia, who was also a fraternity brother of the Ambassador, took the second one from the balcony. It was such a beautiful setting and perfectly fitting for Chris.


I was extremely proud of Steve. My son Tim was next to me and said I was completely frozen during Steve's speech but then started asking him inane questions while the Libyan Ambassador to the United States was talking. I think I was relieved that Steve had done so well and could finally relax a bit. Of course Tim was actually trying to LISTEN to the Ambassador, so that wasn't good. 

Maggie stayed home and held down the fort. 


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  1. Glad Steve did well, I'm sure he was quite nervous. Thanks for including some beautiful pics for us to see.


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