Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lucky Lady

Today we leave post about bad manners, international incidents, broken wheelchairs, and strange comments from strangers behind. Those will undoubtedly be back, But today there is something bigger.

The Giants are in the World Series and today is Game 1!! 

The world stands still for the next week or so. Everything revolves around game time. All focus in this house is on baseball. Especially for Maggie, who left for school this morning decked out and ready.
(For the uninitiated, the Panda hat is for Pablo Sandoval, the Giants 3rd baseman, known as The Panda)

Maggie  loves that we are all excited and focused and cheers right along with us during the games. It is the only time she doesn't complain about the TV being on. She doesn't really watch it, per se, but she watches us watch it, and that's good enough for her. She waits for the high fives or for the occasional expletive. Those really make her laugh. 

Baseball is famous for the superstitions that players and fans practice. Some players won't shave or wash their socks or whatever if they think it's lucky. Fans will sit in the same seat, eat the same food and hang with the same friends for the same reason. Maggie is now part of it. During the 2010 playoffs and series, I started posting this picture of Maggie on facebook. 

My cousin Dennis was the first to note the Giants successful days correlated with the days the picture was posted. He insisted I post it every day, so I did and the Giants won the World Series in 2010. I did it off and on during the playoffs this year when the Giants had their backs against the wall in the Divisional series stopped when the championship series started. Then the Giants went down 3 games to 1 in the Pennant. and  couple of different friends/fans asked me to post Maggie's picture with the orange hair. So I did for the next three games and the Giants won three straight and now head to the World Series. 

I assure you the picture will be posted on my facebook page about an hour or so before game time for every single world series game. Hopefully that won't be too often. 

My prediction, giants in 5 games. 


  1. I am with ya Sally!!!! I am predictng 4-2 Giants win tonite!! GO GIANTS!!!!! Nice pic Maggie!!

  2. You make me smile. Our whole family is rooting for the Giants!


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