Thursday, October 11, 2012

Orange October

We have Giants fever here. It's Orange October and we are Giants fans.  I just spent the entire day watching a baseball game while (sort of) doing various paperwork for Maggie. It was quite a roller coaster ride. Tim was home today and we were watching the game together. In fact he refused to leave for his class until the game was over, so he was 30 minutes late for a 3 hour class. But he left happy.

It was nerve wracking. Game could have gone either way for most of the game and especially at the end. Maggie's bus arrived in the bottom of the 9th with two men on and the tying run at the plate. I ran down to get her and get the report from the school nurse as quickly as I could because I wanted to see what happened.

Maggie had her school pictures with her. When I saw the orange shirt in the pictures, I figured it was a good omen for the Giants. And indeed about 30 seconds after she arrived upstairs, the game ended and the Giants won the Divisional Series and now proceed to the National league championships.

I think the Giants owe her.

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