Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Unveiling, With Authority...

Unlike a debutante being introduced to society, Maggie turned 18 this year and has been introduced to "the system." She had to meet with social security, she was called for jury service and even the military was trying to entice her. Maggie was nonplussed by all of it.

She did, however, enjoy her trip to court when we had to get her conservatorship. Though she gave him the stink eye at the time, Maggie was quite impressed with the whole courtroom thing and the judge who is not only in charge of the courtroom, but does the job sitting down. That's right in her wheelhouse.

Not only that, our friend Colm was here from Ireland a couple of months ago. He had recently been appointed to the High Court of Ireland and Maggie was enthralled at the idea that judges and barristers got to wear wigs. Accessories!

That made the costume choice relatively easy. Here come da judge! Sitting at her bench complete with hand carved gavel (attached to the "bench" with a string to avoid mishaps and lawsuits) and homemade scales of justice and of course the appropriate wig, I introduce you to the honorable Mary Margaret McDonald.


  1. I'm going to have to say, this is one of the best!!! She looks simply FAB!!!!! Please tell her that!!

  2. Maggie -- you bring joy wherever you go. Thank you, too, Sally and Steve --

    Happy Halloween!


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