Sunday, November 4, 2012

Garbage Cop

A couple of weeks back I posted about the ridiculous amount of garbage we put out every week. Our extra large cans are always overflowing with trash, recycling and compost. I hate to point fingers, but it's Maggie. She generates more garbage and laundry than the rest of us combined. She has little tiny feet and a HUGE carbon footprint. I don't know if the garbage cops saw that post or if its just coincidental, but each week since I've posted that there has been a notice on one or more of my cans flagging some sort of issue.

The first week there was a notice on the compost bin and the next two weeks there have been notices on the trash and recycle bins. Each of these notices are the same and have circled pictures that I presume are supposed to tell us that something is in the wrong bin. I guess those are for ease of reading, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what we are doing wrong. We are conscientious about separating things in the proper bins. The strange little picture communication is more of a waste of resources than whatever it is I am doing wrong. I have ignored them and placed them in the correct receptacle.

On Friday morning something roused me from sleep early. I heard something outside and wondered if someone was going through my car. I peered out the window and did see someone going through my garbage which was out on the street awaiting pickup. That happens, people go through the recycling to snag the bottles and cans that they can recycle for cash. It's distasteful and illegal, but it is also harmless.

Then I saw the flashlight, the clipboard and the bright official yellow vest.   His head was way down into the trashcan and his butt practically up in the air and he was looking around with his flashlight. I realized I was witnessing the garbage cop in action.

I think my head exploded a little bit. I don't know if that guy works for the City or for the garbage company who is paid by the city, but either this a necessary use of resources?

There is no money for schools, teachers have to take unpaid days off and students miss instruction because there is no money, services for the disabled have been cut to the bone and face more cuts ir Prop 30 doesn't pass. But there is money for this guy to stick his head all the way into my garbage can at 5:45 AM and leave me non-sensical notes about a napkin in the black trash can when it should have been in the blue recycling bin. (If I understood it correctly). I don't think so.

Without being terribly graphic, let me remind you that my 18 year old daughter wears diapers and she has zero control over bowels or bladder. There are at least 60 diapers and relevant accessories in that garbage bin every week. I don't thing he was actually opening the plastic trash bags that they are placed in, but who knows. He may want to look, but I really don't care to.

I'm certain with the amount of garbage we produce there will be the occasional item in the wrong bin, especially if someone is going to inspect with a flashlight. But we are 99% compliant. And last time I checked, 99% was still an A.

This week I believe the garbage and recycling will stay inside the garage until I put Maggie on the bus. I presume the garbage cop doesn't come back when it's light because he would be out of work if people realized what is going on.

That's why I had to share.
November gratitudes, continued
Nov 3rd - old friends and getting to spend Saturday with some of the best
Nov 4th - paint that changes a little girls purple room to  young woman's beige room and her big brother and dad who did the work.

Don't forget to vote tomorrow. Californians: Please Vote yes on 30   so that people besides garbage cops can keep their jobs.

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  1. Oh, lord. I'm so surprised that you didn't go out there in your English language cop uniform and give him a piece of your mind. I also imagine Maggie out there with her talker, banging it over and over, "What did you find, garbage cop? What did you find, garbage cop?"


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