Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chef Maggie

Maggie loves to "cook."  Of course, her definition of cooking is different than most. Maggie cooking means Maggie in the middle of the kitchen sending out orders on her dynavox,  pulling open any drawers in reach and throwing everything out of them. We have to make certain there is nothing breakable or dangerous within her reach. Generally it's the dishtowels and lids form the pans that go flying.

If she can reach the refrigerator, she is ecstatic  because it has two doors on top and a sliding freezer on the bottom and she loves all three. She will open and slam them as much as possible. In the interest of our refrigerator, and the food inside of it, she never gets to do that very long.

The other night Tim was cooking the  hamburgers, something he does quite well. Maggie was beside herself. She was in the kitchen doing her thing and she gets to order Tim around too. A great day in the neighborhood!  Maggie was delighted with the entire set-up as you can see from her wicked grin.

It was quite crowded in the kitchen with Maggie's chair and Tim trying to use the stove. I stepped into the dining room listening to the two of them "banter."   Tim was telling her all the things he was putting in the burgers and Maggie was laughing and slamming drawers. After a bit, Maggie had enough and wanted things to get serious. I heard her use her dynavox to say:
                "Tim, cook. Or I'm gonna knock you on your can."

Turns out she's Chef Ramsey.

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