Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day After

Christmas, for all it's magic and wonder, is exhausting.

Does it make me a Scrooge if I love December 26? I don't think so, I think it just makes me a mom.

This year was a bit more exhausting that usual because we had a piecemeal celebration. Eddie and Grace had to stay in Orange County and could only come up for the weekend before Christmas. Rather than have a nice quiet weekend together, I invited the cousins over for a gathering since Eddie wouldn't see them on Christmas. Not everybody could make it, but  there were 16 of us for dinner on Saturday night.

Here is Maggie and a few of her cousins. (For scale, please note, my boys, Eddie in the hat and Tim in front of him are both over 6' tall.) Maggie was unbelievably happy to be with both of her brothers. She's like a peacock strutting around when they are both here.

We tired to be authentic. We even had no room at the inn. Eddie and Grace were here and then weren't. Grandpa Ed came after they left (but they stopped to see him separately). Grandpa's caregiver slept here too.

Sunday was a day of rest, sort of. Eddie and Grace left and I had to shop for the next couple of feasts. Christmas Eve is our traditional crab dinner. That was only only nine for dinner. I waited too long to order the crab though. I tried on Thursday and Friday in various places but had no luck. The huge storm predicted for (and delivered) over the weekend made the availability of crab questionable. I needed a plan "B". I bought a prime rib and all the fixins for Christmas Eve. We tried four places for crab on Monday morning but no luck. We finally went to Fisherman's Wharf and paid tourist prices for just one crab and had it as an appetizer before the Prime Rib.Christmas dinner is a pot luck and I offered to bring some pasta or a warm dish. I went with ravioli but needed to make more sauce because there were 22 for dinner at Christmas.

Tonight is leftovers. Tomorrow is leftovers and Friday someone can take me out to dinner.

Despite the crazy amount of cooking, eating, and doing of dishes, the rest was lovely. I went to Christmas Eve Mass with my mom and Tim at St. Ignatius, which was beautiful as always. There were at least 20 trees on the altar. Maggie stayed home with Steve and Grandpa, who went Christmas morning -- while I stayed with Maggie.

We all went to my mom's house on Christmas and saw some cousins again and others we didn't see on Saturday.

Maggie was the belle of the ball as always. She was happy to see Grandma and be part of the action

  Maggie and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

 Right now we are celebrating the Feast of St Stephen and/or Boxing day. That tradition involves long naps. 

At least it does in this house.  

(Posting delayed by the celebratory nap)

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  1. I love seeing your huge and jolly family, Maggie in the middle and the jolliest of all!


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