Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shameless self promotion

Monday  I am going to be on the Finch Files on KGO Radio 810. Peter Finch interviewed me the other day about the Garbage Cop story and the interview will air tomorrow a few different times over the course of the day, taking my complaining and rabble rousing to a new high.

Hopefully no one overturns my garbage cans in protest. Of course I've only received  positive feedback  about speaking out about how ridiculous the whole thing was. We shall see what happens next.
Hopefully I won't be on the most wanted list of the Garbage Cops.  It will be hard to clean the splatted tomatoes off  the house.


  1. Are you wearing your vintage cop outfit?

  2. leave a 6 pack on top of your garbage can on garbage night, works every time....


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