Friday, February 8, 2013

Survival of the IEP Fittest

IEP was fine, as I knew it would be. But it was exhausting too. The meeting started just as school ended. Maggie went home on the bus. The nurse was waiting for her. That gave me two hours until I had to get home and help the nurse with the lifting and procedures etc.  I told the teacher that and we muscled right through and finished in exactly two hours. I came home, helped Maggie and then took a nap for an hour.

It really is quite amazing to listen to everyone describe my daughter so accurately and so thoughtfully. One of the team members said, "Maggie continues to improve in EVERYTHING." It really doesn't get better than that. There were also lengthy discussions about Maggie's ability to lie and try to mess with test results. Of course her ability to do that tells them more about her intellect and understanding than anything.  I had to point out that if I were in a meeting with my sons' high school teachers it is unlikely they would be so excited about the student's ability to lie. But Maggie's team knows a strength when they see one even if its unconventional.

So Maggie's educational program is set for another year. Today I have to meet with the Regional Center to do her program for the non educational services.This one should be quicker though.

 Have a great weekend. It's a long one for us. Maggie gets Monday off school for Lunar New Year.

In other educational news I recently discovered I am HOMEWORK!  My blog is assigned  reading for a student at a Midwest university.

I might have to start using bigger words. .

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  1. I am so glad that someone, somewhere had a very positive IEP experience and that it was YOU.

    As for someone's homework, I'm relieved that you never swear here --


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