Friday, March 8, 2013

Get yer International Woman right HERE

How handy that today is International Women's day and we have our very own International woman right here under our own roof. Our friend Emily has been staying with us this week. She lives in Warsaw Poland but she's in San Francisco for a seminar and she's staying with us.

Emily was Maggie's teacher in grades 3 through 5. That was her first job out of college. Starting your career with Maggie in your class! Yowsa! She left San Francisco for a job in the International school in Warsaw nearly 5 years ago. She's been back to visit San Francisco since then and usually stays with us. Maggie and Emily have a special bond.

Actually, all of us and Emily have a special bond.

What a week Ms Maggie has had. It started with Emily's arrival, included her birthday and Emily even did her nails.

 Maggie is glamorous and quite taken with herself. I'm not sure what next week holds, but it will be hard to top this one. That is for sure.

Last night the two of them were really causing trouble. Emily offered to do Maggie's "news" on her talker That was hilarious for a bunch of reasons. First of all Emily did a very long post, including phonetic spelling of some Polish words, and then accidentally cleared it before saving it. I videotaped her anguish which was hilarious.  I will just share a still because this is a family friendly blog! (but do surf my youtube channel) Suffice it to say it is beyond frustrating when that happens.

Emily figured at Maggie's age there should be some cuss words on the device. I said no because if they were on there, Maggie would press those buttons all day long. She figured if it was just in the news a bit that couldn't hurt. Maggie loved it. Here they are playing it back for the first time. 

How will I keep her down on the farm now?

Emily leaves tomorrow and it will be hard to see her go because it will probably be another year before we see her again. We can't wait until next International Women's Day.

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  1. How wonderful. Will you send Emily down here? I'll show her Los Angeles!


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