Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Spring Break is already half over and I haven't even complained yet! I must be losing my touch. Actually, we have been very busy girls, and that is the key to keeping Maggie happy.

Monday we took Brisco for a walk in the park. It was quite chilly but we marshaled on until Maggie started saying "Mom, I'm cold." We headed home via Safeway where Maggie lost a shoe.The right shoe. It's always the right shoe. It gets quite expensive, though I do have a lovely collection of left shoes The dog was outside barking incessantly for us as we retraced our steps looking for the errant shoe. I figured she dropped it in the park and gave up. I was halfway down the block when the security guard from Safeway came running after us waving the shoe. Excellent! I left it on the back of the chair where I could keep and eye on it and we walked home.

Tuesday we had our obligatory outing to the mall, and Maggie had a meltdown in the middle of the trip. Not sure what was going on there, but we sat down in the mall until she could collect herself. I think she was so worried we were going to leave, she anticipated being sad and lost out on half the "fun." We did get her some cool new clothes and she bought chocolate bunnies to send to Tim and to Eddie and Grace.

Yesterday we had appointments to get our haircut.  She was excited about it and on Tuesday night said so on her talker. She didn't have a word for beauty parlor and improvised and you know that always impresses me. It's difficult to read the entire thing. It says Dad dad dad I am excited because I will go to the place for my hair Mom mom mom

 Maggie has been needing a haircut for quite a while. We have been using headbands to keep Maggie's hair from hanging in her eyes. I took "this before" picture at the Post Office where we stopped on the way to the "place for my hair"

While she was looking forward to getting her hair out of her eyes, Maggie also loves loves loves the haircut itself. It's hard to cut her hair because she is laughing the entire time. 

When Maggie was done I got mine cut too. When she paid attention she thought that was hilarious, but she mostly checked out herself in the mirrors. Lisa, our cosmetologist, took a picture of the two of us with our new haircuts. 

If I can fill in today and tomorrow, we will have this Spring Break nailed. So w e are off to Clement Street to shop in various stores for various things. It's not the mall, but it will have to do.  

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  1. You both look darling -- Sally, I have to say that you look younger and younger these days!


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