Monday, April 22, 2013

Graduation Picture!!

There are few pictures more important than one's high school graduation picture. It is a formal shot taken as one stands on the threshold of adulthood. Many of us cringe when we look back at that picture because the hairstyle, glasses or (God forbid) powder blue tux are so dating, but we cannot deny the significance of the picture itself.

In Maggie's case, this picture takes on even more significance. Not a lot of people would have thought Maggie would make it to her high school graduation, but I am looking at the cap and gown sitting right here on my table. She did make it. She didn't just survive against all odds, she is living a wonderful life. Maggie is one of the lucky few who is living the best possible life she can.

This is Maggie's kindergarten picture. She was soooo cute. Of course she was wearing a hat because she was recovering from one of her dozens of shunt surgeries and had a shaved head behind those front curls. You would never know it from the grin. She enjoyed life then, just as she does now.

Now that little girl is all grown up. We received the graduation pictures upon our return from Chicago and I have to say I am very happy with it. 

Somehow I doubt Maggie will look back at this and cringe, even though one more round with the hairbrush might have been a good idea.  


  1. Oh, no! Her hair looks wonderful just like that -- natural and pretty. It IS a wonderful, happy photo. I'd love a copy!

    Does Maggie get to stay in school until she's 21?

  2. She looked like a little doll!!!


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