Friday, May 24, 2013

Stunt Double!

Maggie is going to graduate next Wednesday. I won't belabor how amazing that is.

But it is. Amazing, that is.

The pomp and circumstance of graduation does not happen in a vacuum. If you want 200+ excited teenagers to go through graduation you have to practice practice practice.

Wednesday they spent most of the day learning to process in.

Thursday they spent the day learning to get up to the stage, process across, get their diplomas and sit down. Whew! that was a particularly tough day.

Friday they learned how to get off the stage and presumably how to process out. Good thing too. If they didn't learn that they would all have to spend the summer in the Mission High auditorium.

The problem is Maggie does not have the stamina to spend hours ANYWHERE, let alone in an environment of very excited seniors with blasting speakers etc. Graduation or no, Maggie still needs her procedures done every few minutes and when she needs the big ones every few hours, she's gone for 15-20 minutes at a time.

Can they get along without one of the graduates for 15-20 minutes? certainly. Are they beyond accommodating to Maggie? Absolutely.

But Maggie has an important role. No, she is not the valedictorian or salutatorian or any such thing. But she is the only one ins a wheelchair in the graduation and there are logistical issues that must be addressed in making all of these transitions. There has to be a seamless way to get the bulky wheelchair into the auditorium and on and off the stage. She will also be the only one with two adults accompanying her throughout the ceremony. They have to have chairs that are off to the side a bit but still readily accessible to Maggie if she needs help.

 If they want this to go smoothly, they need Maggie's there. Or they need her chair. Or they need someones chair. What to do? What to do?

Bring in the stunt double!

Since Maggie does not have the stamina for the required practices she went back upstairs when she was worn out. Her new beau Robert went down in his chair so they could be sure that all the kinks were worked out.

What a gentleman Robert is! But more than that, I think it's Robert's daring as a stunt double that attracts Maggie to him.


  1. So, Maggie is going through graduation but staying on until she's 22?

  2. Yep. This is marking the end of k-12 like everyone else.


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