Thursday, August 22, 2013

Digging out

Maggie checking out her new driver
Maggie and I are both adjusting nicely to her being back in school.

She is seeing her friends, meeting her new bus driver, getting to know her new teacher and a new aide in the classroom and learning lots of things. In fact, she informed me last night that the Quail is the State Bird of California, a fact of which I was previously unaware.

I am getting back in to the schedule that I seem to need to function. It took me a lot of years to admit that because I like to think of myself as someone who goes with the flow;  but the truth is I like a schedule, especially when it comes to Maggie. It makes everything else easier. I spent the past few days digging out from underneath the piles of paper and work that has accumulated during the past few weeks when I didn't have any time to get things done. Bills have been paid, the dog has been to the vet, the men came to change the windows etc etc.  I did get all the legal work I have to do into one organized pile, but I left Maggie within reach and she decided they would be better on the floor. And she thought that was hilarious! She is very helpful.

This afternoon after Maggie arrived home, I helped the nurse get her situated and we did the procedures together. At the same time I was trying to locate the property tax bill and finish my malpractice insurance renewal. Done and almost done. I had to stop because I had to get to the bank before it closed. Perhaps order will be restored next week.

I ran out of the house on my thrice weekly run around the neighborhood, the bank, the cleaners, the pharmacy, the supermarket etc etc. The stuff has been sitting at the cleaners for weeks.  As I was leaving the house, the nurse handed me an empty bottle of one of Maggie's prescription meds.

I brought it with me because the pharmacy was one of my stops. Most of Maggie's meds are automatically renewed and with luck, the refill would be waiting for me when I got there. As I waited for the man in front of me to finish at the window, the clerk noticed me with the empty bottle and laughed. She said I hope you got a cart.I didn't really get the joke until it was my turn. Oh yes, that med was ready and so were several others. I definitely needed the cart.

We are stocked up now, but there will be more. There is always more. 

 I will be digging out for a while yet. In fact I can only hope it will be done before Christmas vacation 

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  1. This reminds me of the blue basket filled to the brim of papers that need sorting and filing. I would say thanks, but instead I've muttered a little curse.


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