Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Technical difficulties of the third kind

This is a new computer and I am constantly surprised when I press a button and something unexpected happens. I was just about done with a post yesterday when it disappeared from my screen. It was quite frustrating, and I had to just walk away.  Hopefully the computer did not decide the post was too dull and did a self edit. I am in big trouble if that happened.

I awoke early this morning and took a shower before coming downstairs, which is unusual for me.  Generally the mornings are so jam packed that I have to wait to shower. It was leisurely and nice and I arrived downstairs refreshed and ready to face the day. it didn't last long.

 As always I went straight to Maggie's room where I found Lucy the nurse struggling to hold a broken trach tube in place and get a new one ready. I hopped into action. It is very difficult to change a broken trach tube alone. You have to hold the old one in place and then switch it for the new one and then hold that in place while you thread the ties through. Basically you need three hands. Plus, this is all done on Maggie who cannot stay still. The trach change doesn't hurt her and she is very cooperative, but her movements are involuntary.  I took over while Lucy held the tube in place and Maggie was all squared away with a nice new breathing tube.

Then I had a cup of coffee, though the caffeine jolt was unnecessary

This is the second heart rate raising incident in two days, though the other was just for a moment. On Labor Day Maggie and i went downtown to shop. We didn't buy anything, but we wandered around Union Square and hit both the San Francisco Center and Westfield mall on busy Market Street. It is a shopping mecca and Maggie loves it.

Market Street is the main artery in downtown San Francisco. it is an incredibly busy place with street cars and buses everywhere in addition to taxicabs and regular cars braving the madness.
As we wandered back toward our car, we had to cross Market. No problem, there are plenty of signals and it's pedestrian friendly. We crossed at this very intersection shown in the picture and for the first time ever, the front wheel of Maggie's wheelchair got stuck in the streetcar track. I pulled and tugged but nothing happened. Buses and streetcars were waiting for the green light to proceed.  I could see the pedestrian light counting down and could feel some adrenaline starting to pump. Maggie was oblivious to this of course. She thought it was hilarious that I kept yanking on her chair I yanked again with that mom strength and out it popped. We got to the other side of the street and I saw a man and a woman with their eyes popping out watching us. The guy just said "good job there." I nodded but just kept walking, not trusting my voice yet. 

 There wouldn't have been any real danger, of course, Maggie was clearly visible and she would not have been hit or anything. But Maggie and I would have shut down Market street while we got her unstuck.  That alone was getting my heart racing.  

As we drove home, I told Maggie she was Nell and I was Dudley Doright. She was unimpressed. I think she puts me in more of a Snidley Whiplash category. After all, I'm the one who got her stuck on the tracks. 

That's three very different types of technical difficulties in three days. Of the three, I'll take the computer problems. they are aggravating, but not scary. 

Here's to a calmer remainder of the week. 

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