Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Grazie for haircuts!

One of Maggie's favorite places to go is the hair salon where she gets her hair cut. It's in north beach and cable cars go right past as she's sitting in the chair. (note the cable car in the background in the picture).
Lisa, the Italian woman that cuts her hair tells Maggie she is bellissima and now she is no longer a "bambina" but a "bella signorella." Despite the Italian words Lisa really speaks Maggie's language. Who wouldn't want to go there?

Maggie laughs through the entire haircut but really recoils at the water spray. 

One problem with having a trach and getting a haircut is the constant concern about stray hairs getting into the trach tube. If we didn't catch it it would be a huge irritant in Maggie's airway or lungs which could present enormous problems We had to stop periodically and suction out stray hairs. When it came time to blow dry off the excess bits of hair I just held the scarf over her trach. Maggie even thought THAT was hilarious 

Maggie is now cleaned up and ready for the holidays. And she looks bellissima

Ciao tutti!

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