Monday, November 11, 2013

Maggie and I went shopping on Saturday, as we are wont to do. I am currently boycotting Stonestown mall because of an incident a few weeks ago involving a broken elevator and a security guard who found our predicament amusing. I wrote about that here and sent them a fax describing the situation, but not even the courtesy of a reply. We will go back, eventually, but I need to be completely over it first.

Maggie kept saying on her talker "Mom I go to the mall" and I would say,"well no, we are going to go downtown. No mall Macy's for us, Mag, - we are talking 9 floors of fun!" She switched gears and tried to make a sentence that said we are going downtown, but she could not make it happen. She kept saying "Mom we are going down" and I would say "right, downtown. Do you want me to help you spell town?" She slammed her fist down which is her response for NO! She kept trying. I kept offering and she kept rejecting me. Finally I said, "you know down and town rhyme." That seemed to make it click for her.  She cleared her sentence and went back to work. My husband entered the room and she made this sentence:

"Dad I will go to down down Dad"

I cracked up and said Way to go Maggie. That's close enough. She was very proud. Steve was a bit perplexed for a minute, but then he got it. From here forward, we will likely refer to it as Downdown"

As we shop - or do anything -  Maggie and i keep up a running commentary. She says "Mom. can I say something please," and i say "Please do" as we peruse the goods at Macys'. Then it becomes, "Mom I want to listen to music." and I say, "there's Music playing in the store, can you hear it.?" (makes sign for) Yes. "Do you like it?" NO! Usually it's "MOM MOM MOM MOM" and I say "what what what what?" This type of banter is non stop. Others look at us quizzically, but generally smile and move on. Once in a while I get "That is amazing" and I smile and say, "Isn't it? She's smart as a whip"

Perhaps because that is the norm, I was more than taken aback by a woman who chided me for not paying attention to Maggie. I was paying for some purchases and Maggie was saying MOM MOM MOM MOM. A woman was suddenly next to me saying, "Hey, She needs you. She is trying to get your attention." I glanced at Maggie and back at this very angry woman and said calmly, "I'm on it, thanks.  She was not to be deterred. She said, SHE NEEDS SOMETHING. I looked at Maggie again who was happy as a lark but a bit wary of this strange encounter, and said evenly but a little icily, "she's fine, Thank you."  This woman just GLARED at me and then looked over at a cop who was a few feet away. This cop had opened the door for us and we exchanged pleasantries when I entered. I thought. Go ahead, Lady. Make my day. I just looked at her disapproving face and said "You really just need to mind your own business, you have no idea what's happening here." She huffed and started to walk away. 

I finished my purchase and looked at Maggie. THe lady had frightened her a little bit because she was so angry. When she heard me tell her to mind her own business, Maggie started laughing her head off. The cop, who didn't seem to notice the exchange said, "Wow, she sure is happy isn't she." 

I smiled sweetly and said, She certainly is. Maggie laughed again.

And the cop opened the door so we could leave.

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