Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I wish to go in the Bay

Christmas is coming, San Francisco style

Tuesday morning, 15 days to Christmas. Yikes. There is just too much going on.

Saturday morning, we took a break from all the hustle and bustle of the holidays to check out an event down at Aquatic Park. There was a fundraiser for Make A Wish Foundation that was sponsored or heavily involved with the San Francisco Police. San Francisco's hero "Batkid" was going to be there as was the Batmobile he used while saving Gotham City/San Francisco from all the evil doers last month.  We figured it was worth a look see. It did not disappoint.

The Batmobile was parked on the sidewalk for all to admire. Of course this being San Francisco, its friends at the SFPD slapped  a parking ticket on the windshield. (fake of course)

If it only had a wheelchair ramp, Maggie could save the world. 

It was freeeezing down there. It was in the low 40's at best and when you were in front of the water with no buildings to block the wind, it felt another 10 degrees colder. That didn't stop about 50 cops and other supporters from jumping in Bay. It was part of the fundraising challenge. Some were in police uniform, some were in swimming attire, some were in Santa Suits and some were in costume. It was hilarious.

We were so cold standing there watching that I was worried about Maggie. It hurt for me to breathe and I don't have a trach allowing the cold air to go directly into my lungs like Maggie does. Plus I can move around to keep warm and she cannot. We left shortly after the plunge into the bay. Still, the plunge itself was great and we were all laughing. I'll bet the water was warmer than the air - but getting out in soaking wet clothes would NOT be fun.

The fireboat salute at the end was pretty cool too. It made its' own rainbow.

Make a Wish is a wonderful organization. They granted a wish for Maggie many years ago and we had to do absolutely nothing. Everything was arranged from beginning to end and we could just spend time together as a family. It was nothing on the scope of Batkid's wish, but it meant just as much to us as that did to him.

If you are looking for something to support this Christmas, think of Make a Wish. They do so much for so many kids, generally without the fanfare they received for Batkid.

And hats off to the SFPD for their support of Make A Wish.

And for jumping in the Bay

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  1. What wonderful photos -- I especially love the first one!


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