Monday, December 2, 2013

Rolling toward Christmas

How can it possibly be December? Thanksgiving is over, Hanukkah is half over and we are steaming toward Christmas.

This is the first year in many many years that I did not do the cooking. We spent Thanksgiving at my father in law's house and other than my contributions of mashed potatoes, stuffing and vegetables, I left the cooking to my sisters in law. Dinner was great. My father in law lives about an hour from here and going there is a little hard on Maggie. She does OK for a while and then melts down. This year was no exception. She melted down before dinner and I couldn't get her to calm down. I had to call in reinforcements in the person of her brother Tim. She always responds to him. 

It really is easier to stay here but it would have been difficult for my father in law to make the trek to our house, so we went out there. That house may be harder for Maggie's wheelchair than this one is, because it's a split level. You can't go anywhere without encountering a few steps. But there has to be a little give and take with these things. Maggie survived relatively unscathed. 

Thanksgiving notwithstanding, the high point of Maggie's weekend was attending a bowling birthday party for her friend Ben. Ben's family reserved 7 lanes and there were about 30 people at the fandango. There were at least 10 wheelchairs and maneuvering around was hilarious.  In order for Ben to get his turn, one chair would have to move forward and another back up to make room. All the folks enjoyed the slow motion chess game of getting chairs into the proper places. 

Maggie got smoked bowling. Both Ben and her other friend Clay have their own bowling ramps and a couple of others had personalized bowling balls. They were well prepared ringers! There aren't too many sports these folks can take part in, but bowling is definitely very friendly for the disabled. Check out Maggie's perfect shot. OK, maybe not perfect. It slowed down and veered right just before hitting the pins, but she's getting there.  She will give them a run/roll for their money yet.

I think I'm gong to get her this shirt for Christmas


  1. I personally can see Maggie in those perfect shoes and perhaps a bowling bag hanging off her chair?

  2. Check out boccia if you haven't already. It's designed so pretty much anyone can play no matter their level of disability and it's a lot of fun. Bowling is more fun though IMO.


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