Friday, January 10, 2014

A Disturbance in the Force

Maggie runs this house. Her schedule, her rules. You don't like it, too bad. She is large and in charge (well except for the large part)

Lately, different things have happened that take some of the focus off of Maggie. Steve's dad has been ill and we had to get him here to San Francisco to keep a better eye on his recovery. That took a lot of energy. Maggie tolerated that because it was grandpa and she adores grandpa. Plus having him in San Francisco means she will get to see him more often, so she still wins on that front.

The dog is aging rapidly and having some health issues and there has been lots of focus on him. That is not constant, though so it is also ok. Maggie notices, but allows it.

This morning there are other things afoot that are taking the focus off of Maggie. Steve has a medical procedure this morning and Tim started a new job. Either would have been ok, but both - no way. That put Maggie second to last in the attention getting department (just ahead of yours truly.)

Maggie decided enough was enough and  yanked out her trach tube. In fact she pulled on the ties so hard she broke the flange. Of course I quickly replaced the tube before I noticed it was busted, so I had to get another tube ready.

There is really nothing like an emergency trach change at 6:45AM. It gets all the juices flowing very quickly. Who needs caffeine?

The morning continued on with the new tube while I got everything else ready to go. I looked over and Maggie was yanking on the ties again and had it so loose that I had to stop and re-tie it again. I told her not to worry, everything would be back to normal by the time  she gets home from school.

She can resume her place as the center of the universe.

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  1. I'm looking past Maggie to YOU. When do you get your bit of time away?


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