Tuesday, January 14, 2014

. Miss Congeniality - Just ask her

It's so easy to point to Maggie and take note of the things and abilities she lacks. She cannot walk, she cannot talk, she cannot eat etc etc. It is harder for people to note her strengths. Enter mom and her blog.

Let me assure you all, Maggie has plenty of strengths. Among those is an overabundance of self esteem. She is her own biggest fan. It's hard not to agree with her because it is so hilarious.

By way of example, take this evening. Maggie was using her talker to say the nurse (Fely) is coming tomorrow. Generally she says "Fely is coming tomorrow on Wednesday to take care of Maggie"  Today she switched it around. She said, "Fely is coming tomorrow to take care of Miss.....".

And the sentence stopped. Maggie waited. The change made us all pay attentions - which was of course her intent. 

Fely Asked her, "Miss Third Avenue?"  Maggie slammed her hand down to say NO.
"Miss San Francisco?" Again, an emphatic NO
"Miss California?"  Yes. Yes, that's it. Miss California.

She inserted that into her sentence and was quite pleased with herself. 

She will undoubtedly crown herself Miss America and then Miss Universe, but she wants to get out of her teens first. No bathing suit competition. But she really does want World Peace. 


  1. I always kind of hated taking Kerry to the doctor since I knew they didn't know her like I did...I knew what they were thinking during the exam..."little eye contact, agitation, slow response..." I'd whisper in her ear,"show 'em what you've got, Girlie". But she'd only let a few people in...so appreciated the docs that pointed out what she COULD do.

  2. I was reading back thru some of your blog. I miss Maggie and her stories. I loved this! I wish I had half Maggie's confidence! She will always touch my heart when I miss her I will be reading these blog entries.


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