Monday, March 3, 2014


Twenty years ago today our lives changed forever when Maggie entered the world. I think you already know the secret. Most of the changes were for the better.When she arrived, Everything we knew about parenting and babies and health and emergencies was turned on its ear. It took us quite a while to adapt to our new role and even longer to be comfortable in it.

But we did get comfortable.

In fact we had a blast.

Sixteen days ago, out life changed again when she left this world. Now we have to try to adjust to the world without her.

That will take longer.

Happy Birthday Maggie. It was an amazing 20 years.

                                              This is from my birthday 3 weeks ago.


  1. Tears, again. Happy birthday to your beautiful young woman. She will be remembered by all of us.

  2. Happy Birthday to Maggie. My oldest daughter shares her birthday and year, and going forward, we will certainly be honouring Maggie as well as her on this day.
    May her name be a blessing.

  3. Happy Birthday Maggie! ������ we miss you so much!!

  4. Happy birthday wishes to Miss Maggie. May each day be filled with good memories for mom. And now that you're in heaven, may your voice sing!


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