Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Treading water and making space

Day 33. Lately I feel like I'm swimming. I can't find the bottom of the lake so my feet are moving to keep me afloat. It's progress, though. For the first few weeks I was under water. Not in a gasping for air way but everything was distorted and the sounds were sort of muffled. I think my head is above water now, hopefully to stay. It will as long as I can tread water. And anyone who knew me as a kid knows I can tread water and hold my breath for a very long time. (I used to freak people out with my ability to swim underwater for a length or two of a pool.)

Meanwhile, there is visible progress being made in the basement. As I mentioned before my first order of business has been to deal with the supplies and equipment. The company came to take the oxygen tank and the mist machine. I sent the giant pulmo vest machine back to the company to be refurbished for someone else. We donated a ton of supplies to a non profit and I gave some food and other stuff to UCSF. I have a bag of brand new trach supplies to take up there today. Yesterday I brought a giant case of diapers and other supplies to the school so other kids can use them. And before Steve left for work he loaded the walker and the bath seat into the van so I can take those and other things to California Children's services and they can give it to a family who needs it. We have also made a number of trips to The Salvation Army with donations of other things.

If nothing else, that has freed up a LOT of room downstairs. So much so, in fact, there is a distinct possibility that we will be able to park a car in there by the end of the weekend. That hasn't happened in well over 10 years. This shelf is a good indicator of how things have changed. Even the plastic bins in the after picture are empty.

Of course, the biggest piece of equipment is the van. I have to sell it. Actually I WANT to sell it. it runs perfectly. Steve floated the idea of keeping it to use for transporting his dad around. But I said no. We can manage with his dad in a regular vehicle and put his wheelchair in the back. His dad can transfer in and out of a car pretty well with assistance and we don't transport him very often. But the main reason for saying no is this: The wheelchair space is so large when there is no chair in there, there is an actual hole in the van where Maggie is supposed to me. That is too much for me to bear.  Steve agreed and the van is going on craigslist just as soon as I use it to move this equipment.

If anyone out there is interested in the van, let me know. I put this on facebook yesterday and actually generated some interest. Initially, it seemed folks thought I was giving it away and were praising my generosity. I quickly corrected that notion. Make no mistake, it is for sale.  It is a great car that served us very well and will make a huge difference for another family for many years to come.

It will be hard when it actually goes, but I will just have to tread water a little faster.


  1. I'm so glad you're continuing to post. You're in many peoples thoughts and prayers.

  2. Yes, very glad to see new posts. We think of you often and you're keeping us connected:)


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