Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bad to the (tail)bone

I received an email from a nurse at UCSF which I will share in part below. But first some background. She and I are working together on a project, but really don't know each other well. When we had our first meeting, she said she thought she remembered me from a talk I gave when she was a student. I participated in several panels with other parents for various groups over the years (and hope to continue to do that.)  That particular panel was several years earlier and she described me perfectly. When I confirmed it was me, she told me that was her best day in training. Needless to say, that comment made my day. This discussion was a couple of months ago, before Maggie passed away. Today she made my day again.

This is part of the email I received today. It is perhaps the greatest compliment I have ever received.

Maggie was so loved by so many people; her family, friends, and nurses. She was so lucky to have you as her mom. I remember so clearly listening to you when you spoke to my class about Maggie and your family. Everything you said was so honest, beautiful, and loving. I remember thinking to myself, "someday if I get to be a mom, I want to be brave, loving, strong, and bad ass just like Sally." 

That's right: Bad ass

Stand back.


  1. I have always said this. Sally is bad ass! Love it.

  2. If I had known that would make your day I would have started every comment with To Bad Ass Sally... (cause we know you are!!!)


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