Friday, June 6, 2014

Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close up

Ok, that was hilarious and fun.

When I first heard about the documentary "Friends You haven't Met Yet" I knew I had to go to the Dances with Films film festival in Hollywood for the premiere.

I mean how often am I going to be in a move that's in a film festival. My original plan was to fly down there and back in the same day. I was going to have lunch and attend the premiere with Elizabeth who writes this wonderful blog.

My sister Joni decided that would not do and that she was coming with me and we were spending the night at our brother Eds place in the Valley and having some fun. I am so glad I listened to her because we had a blast. There were screw ups and miscues, like any whirlwind trip, but overall it was a hoot, made more so by Joni's presence and energy.

We arrived at the Burbank airport at around 11AM and Joni insisted I wave to the waiting crowds a we walked out of the plane. (Note, there was no one there)

Elizabeth did indeed pick us up and we had a wonderful lunch in Larchmont Village in LA. She told us it was a good place to see stars and though we stared at every passer by, we didn't see any celebrities. Elizabeth could not join us for the film but she dropped us off at the famous Chinese Theatre in Hollywood where the screening would take place. That is hilarious in and of itself. Throngs of people getting their photos taken with celebrity look-alikes and trying on the handprints for size.

When we entered the theatre we had to do the obligatory red carpet walk. At first it was Joni and I just fooling around,

then when Jesse, the director and Chris, the main focus of the film arrived, we did it for real.

Joni was taking our pictures and I was trying to tell her to turn around to see what was behind her, but she didn't notice that she was just one of the paparazzi.

The film itself was great. It was 33 minutes long an included about 6 bloggers like me who post frequently about their personal lives. (here's a link to the trailer that I posted the other day  Friends You Haven't Met Yet clip) I write the blog, I've seen the movie and frankly I'm still not sure why I blog so much or what my own expectations are for what people do with the information I put out there. But I do know it led to a great trip to Hollywood.

I will be getting a copy of the movie in the mail sometime soon. I was supposed to get it afterward, but that was one of our screw ups. We had to get our rental car before the place closed and then could not get back in time for the after party. That was our own stupid fault.

C'est la vie. I'm sure there will be dozens of other Hollywood movie openings for me.

I will do a follow up to include our visit with Brother Ed and trip around the beaches, and Beverly Hills. All in all it was 29 hours of fun. But I was T I R E D on Thursday.

I might have to talk to my agent and cut back on my tour dates.


  1. Jealous? A little bit. I'm really glad that you got to experience the lollapalooza. It looks like you had a giddy-good whirlwind time. I'm also happy that you got to share the moment with Christopher and Jesse. Thanks for representing the Bay Area!

    1. Fially responding. It's been a completely crazy week. I went from the silver screen to the small screen as I was interviewed for the Channel 5 news about the new Childrens' hospital. (see my blog) Bittersweet since my sweet Maggie passed away a few months ago. It was hard to see the documentary for the same reason, but still worth the trp. Apparently we will be gettng a copy of t sometime soon. would love to hear your thoughts about it. You looked great, by the way (though i don't know what you look like normally). But even after partcipating in the interview and watching the move, 'm not really sure what it reveals.. It seems this was a bit of an ethical question because we share such personal stuff, but it seemed none of the bloggers really had any expectation of privacy. I certainly don't. I mean i'm putting it on the internet for goodness sake. Perhaps that was surprising to the computer scientists. They are nice people and attending the film festival was very cool. I wish I made it back to the after party. But I could easily have been the mother of every single one of them, including the faculty advisor. feel free to email me at coghlanmcdonald at gmail dot com (see how I'm hiding that from the info bots!!!! I am learning!)

  2. All I can say is that it was a PRIVILEGE to squire you two beautiful stars around.


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