Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Remembering Maggie McDonald

I have been fortunate enough to work with UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital over the last several years. This is the place Maggie received the majority of her medical care during her life. I know Maggie lived longer than many would have thought because we were fortunate enough to have excellent care from her pediatrician Dr. Aicardi and from the hospitalists and specialists at UCSF. People travel for many miles to get that medical care and we were so close we could walk there faster than others could find parking.

Now UCSF is moving down to Mission Bay. It won't be as close to our house, but it will serve the entire community with a free standing childrens' hospital as well as a cancer and women's hospital and an outpatient center. It is the fir
st new hospital in San Francisco in many many years - in fact I cannot remember the last one. The building will be completed in just a few weeks and the hospital will open February 1.

To celebrate the completion of the building, UCSF Medical Center is having a 5K hardhat walk and lights on celebration on September 6. And you can all join in if you want to. I just created a team for the walk which is named Remembering Maggie McDonald. Here's the website. 

 Register to join our team if you can - it's $25 - or just make a donation. Let me know if you want to walk, so we can all meet and walk together.

Don't forget your hardhat!!

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  1. Sounds terrific -- if I can, I'd like to get away and come up there to walk with ya'll. Let me see what I can do!


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