Friday, October 31, 2014

A different Halloween

 Last night as we sat quietly watching some Halloween themed sitcom Steve said, "we don't even have a pumpkin."  He's right. We don't. We have an enormous amount of Halloween decorations. There are tons of spiders, bats, and skeletons.  Those boxes never made it out of the basement this year.

We didn't  consciously decide not to decorate this year. It just happened. Neither of us could get in the mood. Halloween was Maggie's Christmas and Birthday rolled into one. Without her the fun of this day is gone for us.

Steve would have spent the last few weeks laboring over her elaborate costume. People knew something big was coming and they would try to find out the costume ahead of time or ask for sneak peaks; but we always waited until it was complete and then publish it.The Big Reveal would be right about now (7am)

Who knows what elaborate scheme we would have concocted. It doesn't matter, whatever it was Maggie would have been delighted. She found delight in everything, she had a joie de vivre that was second to none. But she knew she owned Halloween. and she took great delight in that too.

It's the delight we miss most of all.

Here's the fashion show of Halloween's gone by 2005-2013 (skipped 2010 because she was in the hospital)

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  1. A little bit of our Halloween is gone too. We couldnt wait to see what Maggie would be. I bet today she is an angel on a cloud....


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