Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Always October

Always October.

That's the theme for the Major League Baseball playoffs and World Series. It's pretty good, too. The level of play is definitely higher in October as teams are fighting off elimination and hoping for the World Series. And this year my Giants are there, so that's cool. I know the rest of the country is rooting for Kansas City because the Giants have won twice in the last five years. If I wasn't a Giants fan I would be doing the same thing. But I went from 1962 until 1989 between World Series, and they lost BOTH of those, as they did again in 2002. So even if the rest of the country is tired of the Giants winning, I figure they are just making up for a 27 year drought which included my entire childhood.

Besides, it feels good to feel good about something, even - or especially - baseball.

I think this month has been particularly tough. It's October. It's Halloween time. This time last year, and every year for the past decade Maggie had elaborate Halloween costumes. Maggie and I were the idea people and Steve made it happen. She would delight in whatever scheme we came up with and loved the trial and error of making the costume and wheelchair design work. It had to work in such a way that she could still use her talker, the wheelchair would fit through doorways and the bus driver could attach the straps to keep her safe. It was not an easy task, but Dad always came through. He would grumble and stay up late and make something so great it always surpassed our expectations.
Last year's covered wagon was probably the most elaborate.

 We would be heavily into that by now, but instead we try to ignore the upcoming holiday. Oh we will dole out candy and play nice; by the time the trick or treating started Maggie was done. Her fun was preparing, and then getting to unveil her great costume on the bus and at school. She was so excited by the time she came home, she was generally asleep before the first candy seeker arrived.  

Adding to our Halloween heartache is the loss of Tyre, Maggie's friend that I wrote about last week. Knowing I will be spending a day next week at his funeral service makes a tough week even tougher. There is a crowd funding site set up to help his family deal with the expenses involved. If anyone is inclined to donate, here's the link.   I already shared it on facebook, but I don't think you have to be on facebook to contribute.

So with all that, I am going to hope the Giants win the world series and let me focus on the good parts of October. Maggie loved baseball. Well that's not true. She loved watching us love baseball. She loved hanging out with Tim while he watched and gave her the play by play in the big green chair She loved our occasional outings to the ball park with either family or her group of friends. Tha girl had fun.

Perhaps the Giants will win and keep me distracted for another week. Perhaps not. Either way, November will come. And I will be glad when its not Always October anymore.

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