Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Heading into the Holidays

My neighbor asked about our Thanksgiving plans. I told him we were having it here and it would be very quiet. That surprised him because he knows how big my family is. I told him this year quiet may be better for me since it will be the first holiday season since Maggie died.  He asked if I was still having a hard time.

 The answer is yes. 

And I'm not sure that will ever change

As of this writing it has been 9 months and 4 days and I feel like I miss Maggie more with each passing day. Maybe it is the approaching Holidays.  Maybe it was getting through Halloween. Maybe it's just because it's Tuesday. It doesn't matter why. I just miss her smile and her laugh and her joie de vivre.

its just not the same without her here.  

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