Monday, March 2, 2015

21st Birthday

Today March 3, is Maggie's birthday. She would be 21 today.  I am certain she would have thoroughly enjoyed getting carded.

I can just hear her talker. Instead of the constant "Mom I want to go to the mall" I'm sure it would change to "Mom I'm going to the bar. Don't wait up."

Maggie did go to a bar once and she loved it. It was a going away party for her teacher Tanya Derkash who was leaving San Francisco to move to China (and is now in South America). Maggie thought that was a great experience. The noise and the happy energy just made her so very happy.  I had to step outside and snap a photo of her holding court in the bar

I wrote about that day in an earlier post Maggie World: Pub Crawl

Happy Birthday Maggie, wherever you are. We miss you and love you and thank you for all the laughs and love.

Hoist a glass for Maggie today.


  1. Happy Birthday Maggie! I miss you! Hope you are having fun, dancing and singing cuz I know you would be!. Cheers sweet friend!

  2. I will toast one to Maggie and one to you for 21 years of being Maggie's Mom!! <3

  3. Cheers to Maggie! Thanks for lightening up this world!


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