Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wanted: Choice position

This is a strange time in my life.  .

I have friends and relatives retiring. They have put in their long hard years of work and now get to take it easy to enjoy grandchildren or to enjoy the non professional sides of their respective lives. They've earned the retirement, financially and every other way.  I wish them well.

But, once again, I find myself out of sync with my peers.  As they decide how to spend their hard earned leisure time, I have decided it's time to get back to work. So with all my experience and the gray hair to show for it, I am looking for a job.

I have been working at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital for the past couple of years. I work as a parent liaison, helping families navigate the hospital setting and get what they need for their kids. I like it and I'm good at it, but it's just a couple of days a week and I need to do more. It was perfect when I had Maggie here and it was perfect to come back to after I lost her. It is a safe place for me. But I can't stay in this cocoon forever. I want to work more than that and I need to feel like I'm making a difference. I haven't ruled out staying there if the job is right, but have given my notice so I am not lulled into complacency. It would be easy to keep doing what I'm doing, but I know it's not enough for me.

What type of job, you may ask? And that would certainly be a reasonable question. The answer is not as clear. My husband suggested I go back to a law firm, but I'm not sure that's right for me. I am not the same person I was when I was forced to leave that world when Maggie arrived in our lives. Twenty years of advocating for just one client sharpened some skills and focused my interest.

 I know that I want to stay in "Maggie's World" as I've come to call it.  That likely means the non profit world, or one of the agencies that serves the disabled or medically involved people of the world. I have developed a certain expertise in this area that I want to put to work; that it allows me to continue to honor Maggie is just gravy.

So I'm laying the groundwork and networking and doing all the things one does when they are in re-entry mode. Now I'm telling all of you and I welcome your thoughts, leads, ideas or anything else.

In a perfect world I could just toss out something like Jane and Michael Banks did in "Mary Poppins" and the perfect job will blow in with the wind.

I never smell of Barley water. So I've got that going for me.


  1. Have you ever thought of going into politics?

  2. Do use your law background and your extensive knowledge and passion to help those who need the services that the law states they are entitled to get, and they do not. In education, healthcare, everyday things Be a female "Ralph Nader'.

  3. I'm thinking you need to talk to my friend Michelle Wolf who knows everything about the public policy and non-profit world in California and how it relates to disability. Call me and I'll connect ya'll.


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