Friday, May 8, 2015

Blast from the Past

I found this picture and decided I needed to scan it. There are really very few of Maggie and me alone, even though 75% of the time, that's how it was - just me and her.

This was taken at an early morning soccer game for on of the boys. When Maggie was little and I could carry her, we went to all the games. That became more difficult as she got older; wheelchairs and fields are not a good combination. She always had fun on these outings, though her favorite sporting event was the basketball games. Those were inside, lasted less than an hour and had all the great noises. Soccer was second and baseball a distant third. The baseball games were too long and too cold for her.

I'm guessing this was 1996 or 1997. As I said on facebook, it is far to late for the Dorothy Hamill haircut I'm sporting.

Miss Maggie more and more every day.

And just for you youngsters. Here's Dorothy Hamill, gold medalist at the 1976 Winter Olympics 
with he haircut that everyone copied. But not for 20 years

And no. I cannot skate. 


  1. What a little munchkin. I miss her.

    And you look adorable in your Dorothy Hamill. I, too, sported one. I think you could possibly say that it morphed into the Demi Moore "Ghost" haircut and cover yourself.


  3. You two look adorable. Keep the bangs and the highlights. Maggie's hair is beautiful.

  4. I had that same haircut during that same time and you two look beautiful! Kim


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