Thursday, July 30, 2015

Special Olympics

The Special Olympics World Games are happening right now in Los Angeles. (check it out here I am seeing so many articles and heart warming stories. They make me happy and of course they make me sad, too.

Maggie participated in Special Olympics through the San Francisco Unified School district. There were a few events every year, but the big spring time track and field event was the best. All of the participating athletes from all over the city would gather at Kezar Stadium and have a day of great events.

Maggie was definitely into it. She would get her "game face" on and have the time of her life.

She also had fun just hanging with her fans, including me and Grandma. 
(Different year, no eye black)

Generally these performances were not on the level of the athletes now participating at the World games, but I bet the SF kids had even more fun. I thank Special Olympics and the San Francisco Unified School District for partnering together to give Maggie and her peers such great days. And for giving me such great memories.

Special Olympics is worthy of your support, financial and otherwise.  If you ever want to feel uplifted, spend a day at a local Special Olympics event or the world games if you are in LA. You will see sport at its most pure and nothing but delight everywhere you turn.

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