Monday, December 7, 2015

Holiday Happenings

Christmas is coming and the social calendar is full. It's not that we are flitting from party to party, but there is definitely a lot going on. That's a good thing because it is very easy to get melancholy now.

Steve and my brother in law Vince delivering toys
On Saturday Steve participated in the HO HO HO Row for the second straight year. Several of the members of the South End rowing club dress as Santa or one of his elves and take boatloads of toys from San Francisco's Aquatic Park to Pier 39 where they deliver them to the San Francisco Fire Department for their annual toy drive. It is a fun event for a great cause and really puts you in the Christmas spirit.

toy loaded in Steve's craft

Here come Santa Clauses

Saturday night was Steve's annual office party/dinner; but as we were getting ready we learned that Steve's dad had fallen and was en route to the hospital, so plans changed at the last minute. His dad is banged up, but ok. We took him back to his assisted living facility and then made an appearance as the party was winding down.

Sunday we took a drive down to Los Gatos to a Christmas tree farm which is owned by Steve's friend Eric. That place was amazing and a hubbub of activity two Sundays before Christmas. Everyone was enjoying themselves. Families with kids, older couples, young couples. It was great.

We only stayed a little while, though, because I had 12 people coming for dinner. My niece Mary Clare was in town and we threw together a dinner for whoever could make it. One of the many nice thing about having a big family is no matter how many can't make it, you can always raise a crowd.

All of these things keep us busy and hopping, which is good. Staying busy keeps some of the sadness at bay. The Holidays are a hard time when someone you love isn't here any more. Opening up boxes of Christmas decorations and seeing things Maggie made or loved is particularly heart wrenching. It just stops me in my tracks and I walk away from the decorations for a while.

But then I remember how much Maggie loved the hustle and bustle of the holidays and it gets a little easier. I have video of Maggie and Tim decorating the tree (see Maggie World: Tree by Maggie) and  countless pictures and memories of the laughter we shared at this time of the year. And that makes it better.

But I do miss my favorite elf. 

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  1. She DOES look like a jolly elf in that picture, and I can imagine the holidays are difficult. I'm glad that you have your family and admire how you "stay busy" and still enjoy the season. One of these days you and I will be able to get together and really catch up.


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