Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dedicated dedicators.

After a month of dry and really beautiful weather, there was a light rain falling yesterday morning. That is something we desperately need in California and it is generally welcomed. But why yesterday of all days? We chose that day for the dedication of Maggie World at the Playground at San Francisco Zoo.

The elegant plaque.  

I wondered if the rain would keep some people away and would have understood completely if it had. But they all showed up in their raincoats and hats and carrying umbrellas. I called them my tribe. They are the people we could count on through Maggie's life and still, two years after she passed away. Some members of the tribe were missing, because we are fortunate to have a lot of support and couldn't include everyone, but there was a good turnout nonetheless.  We met in the Great Hall, a beautiful room and wandered over to the playground for the dedication.

Our friends Ed and Lynn Poole made all this possible with a donation to the zoo in Maggie's name. Ed arranged for the dedication just after Maggie's birthday, which made an emotional week even more so. It was all good emotion, though: happiness, pride, and tremendous gratitude.   I'm grateful to Ed and Lynn, grateful to the zoo, grateful for the great support we receive from so many, and grateful that I got to be Maggie's mother.

The zoo is a place people go to have a nice day out. There are families with little kids and visitors from all over. If you haven't been there in a while, you have to see the changes. It is transformed from the zoo of my youth - the days of Monkey Island are long gone. The exhibits are lovely, thoughtful and appropriate and the grounds are very lush and welcoming.

The playground itself is enormous and accessible for all children. It was quiet in yesterday's rain -- and we were there before the zoo opened -- but the squeals of delighted children will surround Maggie's World, and that makes me happy.

My friend Nonie, a tribal leader, was out of town and could not be there, but she gave me a membership to the zoo along with a zoo key so I can head out there anytime I want to visit and see how much fun the children are having in Maggie's World.

I'll be the weird smiling lady on the bench.

If you join me I won't look so weird.

check out all the cool stuff at the zoo

I put all the pictures from the dedication on a share site, which you are welcome to check out. I will work on adding captions so you can tell who's who.  Here's the site:

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