Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Just a quick check in from a busy week.

Mary Margaret is in trouble. You can tell because I am calling her Mary Margaret instead of Maggie. Her “wild thing” behavior continues. Generally, she saves it for one nurse, but she is branching out. The school nurse was having a very hard time with Maggie yesterday. I have to go to the school today to act as cop and all ‘round enforcer while she’s getting changed and cathed. An extra little stop in a crazy busy day.

I am not sure my presence will help, but it cannot hurt. We want Maggie to understand this behavior is dangerous and could result in her coming home. She loves school, so that should scare her straight. Seeing me there might make that threat more real.
Ahhh, nothing like knowing you are a threat to your children. Just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling all over.

I feel bad for Maggie. She thinks this is funny, or at least seems to and that makes everyone angry. But the laughter is not mirthful. It is inappropriate, both the behavior and her reaction to it. I think she is acting out against change. The transition to high school was seamless. This may be a delayed reaction to all the change. In addition, her teacher is gone this week. That little change could have put her over the edge. I think she is afraid and that makes me feel bad.

On the other hand, she could simply be an obstinate teenager and this is all behavioral. In non-technical language that means she is just a brat. That is possible but not likely. It is more likely a combination of factors.

It is too easy for folks to diagnose and decide issues for Maggie without considering things like personality and emotions. Like everyone else, Maggie is a puzzle, and all the pieces have to be considered. Even the ones with the rough edges.

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