Monday, October 26, 2009

Close Call

It is Halloween week. Because Maggie is in a new school and because Halloween is on a Saturday, I figured I better check with the teacher about how things work. I specifically wanted to know whether the high school would allow costumes on Friday.
I was very surprised to get an email saying they do not celebrate Halloween in her classroom because one of the kids has a phobia about Jack-O-Lanterns and pumpkins. I was crestfallen. This is Maggie day to shine and she loves it. Obviously, she does not go trick or treating. She cannot to the steps and does not eat candy. Hence, school is really her time to shine. Now she cannot.
It did not seem right to me that one student’s needs seemed to be above the needs of everyone else. I emailed her back. Initially it sounded like a snippy email, but Steve told me to rearrange the phrases and it sounded much nicer. I told her Maggie has elaborate costumes and very much looks forward to it, and while we could be sensitive to the child’s fears, I didn’t understand why the entire holiday needed to be cancelled and asked if Maggie’s interest could also be taken into consideration. I attached a couple of photos of her costumes from years past. Everyone can have fun without freaking out the one kid with the phobia. We never do jack-o-lanterns or pumpkins in the costume. Those are for amateurs.

She agreed! We are back on. Now to finish the work by Friday.
Gepetto has a lot to do.

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