Thursday, October 15, 2009

Staying Informed

There is an election here on November 3. With all due apologies to the city attorney , treasurer and those who do or do not want lighted billboards on Market Street, there is nothing too exciting on the ballot.

Though this city preaches about how “green” it is, we received four lengthy election guides. Both sons registered in Nevada before last year’s Presidential election, but it will take five years before these things stop coming here. The election guides are about the size of a magazine and contain information on each item on the ballot and “for and against” arguments for all the propositions.

Like most good informed Americans, I get all the election information I need from scary ads on television. Generally, the night before the election I skim the guide to make sure my preconceived notions are correct and go into my booth as an “informed” voter.

Not my husband; he reads every word. If I am undecided (or perhaps uninformed) about something I can ask him and hear everything I never wanted to know about the issue.

Yesterday he came home early to find the election books on the table. He sat down and read one, which is no great surprise. But this time he read it out loud to Maggie and asked her opinion on each measure and each arguement for and against. Maggie was having the time of her life.

Local politics in San Francisco are….colorful to say the least. There are personalities that evoke very strong reactions. If you see some of these names in the arguments for or against a certain measure, it may sway your voting. Steve was adding color commentary on each of the individuals who offered an argument.
Steve notices an argument submitted by a friend of ours and said, Hey Maggie, our friend Mr. Blankety blank wrote one, we like him should we vote for this one? [Maggie gives her sign] YES! All right, yes it is.” On another measure it was “Maggie, Mr. so and so says this will help San Francisco, but we think Mr. So and SO is a horse’s a__, so we probably won’t vote for this. Do you think he’s a horse’ a__? [waits for maggie’s answer] Yes? of, then do you think we should vote for it. No?[waits as she slams her hand down for “No”] Allright! no it is.”

I was cracking up listening to the two of them. I chided him about his language and Steve said, “Maggie, do you think Mom should keep her big trap shut? Yes? ok, yes it is.! Mom, keep your big trap shut.” She went into fits of laughter. The two of them were having the greatest time. I couldn’t help but laugh

Imagine how entertaining it will be next year when there’s the mayor and governor’s races to add to the mix.

Note: Maggie really is laughing in that picture.

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