Monday, December 28, 2009

Watch this!

Buying gifts for Maggie is both incredibly difficult and perfectly simple. It is difficult because there are so many things she cannot do and I am reminded of that whenever Christmas or her birthday looms. It used to depress me but it doesn’t so much anymore. It is just part of the whole deal.

On the other hand buying gifts for Maggie is simple because Maggie loves EVERYTHING. Opening gifts is hugely entertaining, from ripping the paper and reaching in the box to pulling out whatever it is. And laughing uproariously

Her favorite gift this year did not come from me. Her nurse Etoy bought her a watch. That is a curious present for a girl who cannot tell time, cannot see the watch and cannot speak.

Maggie LOVES it.

It opens like a bracelet and slides right over her very slim wrists. If you ask her what time it is she just lifts up her arm and laughs.

Tim was cracking up at her antics with the watch the other day and was delaying leaving for work. He only has a week or so left there and it is not cool to be late. The irony of wasting time while playing with a watch was not lost on me.

I taught Maggie how to tap her watch impatiently to show someone he or she is late. She thinks that is a riot. The tapping is clumsy because of Maggie’s cerebral palsy, but it is purposeful. It is pretty clear what she is doing.

The only problem is that Maggie cannot get the requisite disapproving look on her
face to go with the tap tap tap. It is hard to look disapproving when you are filled with joy.

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